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Big Projects Process

Integrity and craftsmanship from start to finish

Whether you are building a new home from scratch or entertaining a substantial renovation of an existing house, big projects involve careful attention to sequencing and the interplay of design, budget, schedule, and various professionals. Gilman Guidelli & Bellow specializes in managing these types of complicated projects in order to maintain a cohesive process and a quality finished product.

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Creating a contract that meets your needs

There are a number of ways to structure the relationships within a construction project. We are comfortable working with various contract types depending on the needs of the project and of our clients. We can work with fixed-fee contracts, time and materials plus fee contracts, or a hybrid of both. Most jobs have elements that are known at the start of the job and some that are not. An honest assessment of where that line sits can often determine the kind of contract that fits the project. For many projects, we are engaged early in the process to provide guidance on the timing and costs implications of a design.

Pre-construction Services

Most commonly, GGB is called to join the team early in the process of developing a project’s scope. Often clients and architects desire early feedback on budget, schedule, and constructability to inform the parameters of a design and make sure it fits the clients’ needs. In this approach, GGB is hired to provide feedback early in the design stage as to potential costs and timing considerations of a possible design.

As the design progresses, GGB creates multiple budget iterations to inform the team as details are completed. When parts of plans are completed, GGB will develop subcontractor interest in the job and assist in procuring multiple open-book bids from qualified subs. We depend on and trust our subs, but we all have to operate within a world of budget discipline and competition. As such we believe in maintaining good relationships with multiple subs in each trade. We can then help clients select subcontractors as part of the team that best fit the project.

Construction Services

As projects move into the construction phase, GGB acts as the General Contractor for the project. We assign Site Supervision to the job site, and place our own staff on site to take on work as necessary. We establish a system of cost and schedule control, and begin regular site meetings with clients and the design team to review work to date, ongoing construction considerations, budget and/or timing concerns, and upcoming design deliverables. We supervise all aspects of construction, as well as perform certain aspects of the work. GGB is primarily responsible for maintaining quality control and safety on the job.

The pre-construction budgets become the basis for tracking actual construction costs against predicted costs. Billing on these projects is done monthly and open book, with copies of all receipts and hours worked submitted as part of each invoice. Workers’ wages are invoiced at hourly rates depending on job description. On top of all hours worked, materials purchased, and subs hired, GGB charges a flat fee to cover non-project related expenses, infrastructure, and profit. Each invoice provides a view of expenses to date, potential changes, and possible schedule changes.

Post Construction Services

At GGB we take pride in maintaining our projects. We highly value client relationships, and one of the best and most effective ways to stay in touch is to make sure their homes are wearing well and being cared for properly. For some clients this includes yearly and seasonal maintenance of the systems. For some it is regular upkeep of finishes, paint and stain. For other clients we may return to take on new aspects of the house not addressed in the original renovation.

We are very fortunate to have long-term, positive relationships with past clients. Our clients are a tremendous resource for us — a source of good recommendations, an ongoing source of small projects, and a source of potential future work. We have even had the opportunity to complete large and small projects for multiple generations of clients, as families housing needs change.