Mark Johnson of Gilman Guidelli and Bellow

Mark JohnsonCarpenter

I started with Gilman Guidelli & Bellow in 2018, after working with a variety of construction companies in New England that just never felt like the right fit. Gilman Guidelli & Bellow has a rare mix of talented, hard-working, and friendly people. Before honing my carpentry skills in Colorado for four years, I went to trade school in New Jersey and worked under a general contractor learning all aspects of a job site.

Today I can handle any carpentry job thrown my way. I’m a “get it done” person, and can work efficiently on any site. I’m typically handling framing, cabinetry or crown work. I most enjoy solving complex problems with my team — sometimes working with strict building codes in historic renovations, sometimes trying to match 100-year-old construction techniques, and sometimes just trying to create what’s in a homeowner’s or architect’s mind.

When I’m not working, I like staying active by playing soccer, hockey, and walking my dogs.